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Be wary of other sites claiming to be able to hack facebook accounts. This page includes a Facebook Password Hack 2018. Facebook Hackification is exploding in many different blogs and forums. Hackers are using the tool to exploit how many facebook accounts are at risk.

Facebook Profile Hacking Tools

Hackification has updated the FB Hack Tool to support the latest API system. Many facebook hacking software are unable to bypass the security checks such as captcha required to login into account.

REMINDER: Please do not use this tool for malicious purposes, such as impersonation. THIS TOOL IS FOR EDUCATING THE PUBLIC ON FACEBOOK HACKING.

Paste the Victim's profile link you want to hack on the textbox below.

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Our server provides anonymity to the user so you are completely safe when using the exploit. VPN servers are routed to different proxies around the world to make sure there is no trace back to the user. The tool can be used worldwide and in over 180 countries.


There are cases in which you can get an error when trying to hack an account. If it happens, then the facebook account has very good security and cannot be accessed with Hackification. Hackification's facebook hack tool has a 75% working rate. This has since increased to 90% since the last few patches were put into place.

I forgot my Facebook password. Can Hackification's tool retrieve it?

Yes, with the "fb hacking tool" facebook password finder, it is certainly possible to regain access to your facebook account. Accounts can contain messages, images, and friends that nobody wants to be lost and we try to help you get the account back. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions for any assistance on how to recover lost facebook password.

Myths of FB Tools

This day and age of Facebook cracking tools that can find any password for a person or profile is over. Thanks to their robust system of catching these prevelant security flaws, they are able to block any sort of attack on their database. This is the reality of things. People who try to get access to their accounts will get blocked and locked out. People are careful when and where to sign in and out. Websites keep their "HTTPS" on to make sure no form of packet sniffing occurs when browsing social media. There are paid software that actually do all that, but be wary of free software as most of these are scams that can cause accounts to be either banned from Facebook or deleted. It is best practice to allow the professionals to handle such acts. Doing this yourelf can cause great risk to online activities.

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